PCI Power Mac RAM

Note: All 32MB and 64MB 168-pin DIMMs listed on this page are high-quality 5-volt, fast-paged mode (FPM), JEDEC-standard, 64-bit-wide, 2k refresh, with an access time of 60ns. Chip-sets vary, but 2k refresh DIMMs invariably work error-free in the Power Macs and Mac clones listed below. All 128MB DIMMS are 4k refresh, and work in most machines listed below, with the exception of Performa 5400 and 6400, and Power Mac 6360, 5500 and 6500. The max size DIMM usable in those machines is 64MB.

Extended Data-out (EDO) DIMMs are now offered on a separate page on this website. If you require EDO memory for your Mac or Mac clone, please review that page, and order the appropriate piece(s) from our secure order form.

Please note that 162244-compliant memory (required for NewerTech upgrades) is now available as a separate part number. If you have a NewerTech upgrade, please ensure that you order 162244-compliant DRAM. We do not, at this time, carry a 64MB DIMM which is 162244-compliant. If your Macintosh cannot accept a 128MB DIMM, and you have a NewerTech upgrade, make certain that you talk to us before ordering. Fortunately, only NewerTech upgrades require this memory. Upgrades from Sonnet, PowerLogix and XLR8 were long ago re-engineered to correct this incompatibility, and can accept correctly engineered DRAM with buffers beside 162244.

The DIMMs on this page are specifically designed to support:

1Please be advised that Power Macintosh 8600 & 9600-series computers ship with EDO memory installed. While no performance benefit accrues through the use of EDO memory in these machines, and it is indeed permissible to mix EDO with FPM memory on their logic boards, MacGurus advises utilizing matched pairs of EDO DIMMs.

2In the case of PCI PC Compatibility Cards, please note that symmetrical 2k refresh DIMMs, meaning DIMMs with a 4M x 4 organization, and 11 row / 11 column (11/11) addressing, are mandatory. When ordering, please mention your intention to use your DIMMs in a PC Compatibility Card in the Comments Field of the order form, so we can ensure that you receive symmetrical memory. We reserve the right to charge an additional $20 for memory of this kind, based on market conditions. The curious may consult PC Compatibility Card (12-inch): Adding Memory (9/96) in the Apple Technical Information Library (TIL) for more detail, as well as the essential Power Macintosh: Memory FAQ (11/96).

3As discussed on our EDO page, MacGurus recommends the use of 5v EDO memory in UMAX SuperMac S900/S910 Power Macintosh. While the FPM memory on this page will work excellently in those units, and UMAX formally recommends either 5v FPM or EDO memory, best results have been experienced with 5v EDO. If you own an S900/S910, you may order either type with utter confidence.

Note that MacGurus does not recommend mixing memory types; if you have FPM memory installed in your S900/S910, your future memory investments should be in FPM memory. If you have EDO installed, stick with EDO. While Apple technical documents suggest that mixing memory types is permissible, (confirmed in testing on multiple occasions), it simply offends our sense of symmetry.

4Per Power Computing tech supprt (and verified independently), please be forewarned that FPM DIMMs are required in the above Power Computing machines. EDO works only in the PCC PowerBase, which requires 5v EDO.

5Although Apple specifications suggest some Alchemy-based Power Macintosh prefer 5v FPM DIMMs, extensive testing and careful tracking of thousands of orders has established that owners of Power Mac 6360, 5400, 6400, 5500 and 6500's should utilize 5v EDO in their systems. While FPM DIMMs may work, your chances of success are dramatically enhanced if you use 5v EDO.

Model number links above point to logic board diagrams elsewhere on this website. The diagrams may be useful to experienced Macintosh users in identifying significant motherboard landmarks and memory expansion slots. If you do not see a diagram for your Macintosh and need assistance, feel free to email a MacGurus support engineer. If you are in doubt about your ability to handle sensitive electronic components, please contact your local authorized Apple dealer. Don't void your warranty!