Power Macintosh 8100

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The PowerPC 601-based Power Mac 8100-series has 8MBs of soldered DRAM on its logic board (aka "Cold Fusion"). Using this logic board's eight SIMM expansion slots, the maximum amount of DRAM addressable by these computers is 264MB (using pairs of same size, 80 ns or faster, 72-pin noncomposite SIMMs). Optional 16 MB configuration has two 4 MB SIMMs installed.

Note: SIMMs must be installed in pairs of the same size. Install noncomposite SIMMS only.

Note: The 8100's High-Speed Memory Controller (HMC) requires memory SIMMs to be installed in pairs. Like other Power Macs, the 8100-series has a 64-bit internal memory path. Since 72-pin SIMMs are only addressable 32-bits at a time, they must be installed in matched pairs. When purchasing DRAM upgrades for the 8100, please ensure you purchase two at the same time. For best results, SIMMs used should have common chip sets, and come from the same manufacturer.

Caution: It is important to note that the Power Macintosh 8100/100 and 8100/110 Series logic boards have a thermoelectrical cooling device that attaches directly to the microprocessorÁs heatsink. You can identify this cooling device by the black and red wires that run to the right of the heatsink and plug into the logic board via a keyed connector. This device is not a serviceable item. Do not unplug this device or you may damage the logic board.

The 8100-series typically shipped with a 2MB VRAM HPV PDS Video Card (expandable to 4 MB using 512K VRAM SIMMs) or a 2MB Audio-Visual (AV) Card, in its PDS slot. Additional VRAM configurations than those indicated by the table below are consequently possible.

Note: All Power Macintosh 8100 series computers require that a video card or PDS termination card be installed in the PDS slot. A missing card can result in a system that won't boot or a system that crashes.

Logic Board RAM 8MBs soldered onto the Logic Board
Supported SIMMs 4MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB
Number SIMM Slots Eight(8)
Number VRAM Slots None
L2 Cache Supported? 1 MB L2 Cache SIMM
SIMM Type 72-pin, 32-bit, 80ns or faster

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