Power Mac 6360-series

Motherboard Diagram by MacGurus
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While sharing a numerical family-series designation, the Performa 6300 and P6320CD bear little resemblance to the P6360.

The third variant of the Performa 6300-series, the Performa 6360, features a completely different motherboard architecture (AKA "Alchemy"), with two 168-pin DIMM slots on a 64-bit data bus. Like its cousin, the Power Mac 5400, the P6360 also boasts a 32-bit PCI bus architecture. Also like the PPC5400, this computer requires JEDEC-standard 5-volt, 64-bit, 168-pin, EDO 70ns DIMMs (or faster), which must refresh at a rate of 2k or better. FPM memory can also be used, but EDO is preferred for its superior compatibility.

With 8MBs DRAM soldered on the logic board, the P6360 typically ships in a default 16MB configuration with a single 8MB DIMM in one of the DIMM slots. Utilizing DIMMs in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB densities, various configurations are attainable, with the maximum capacity of 136MB achieved through the use of two (2) 64MB DIMMs.

This motherboard cannot interleave. Accordingly, no performance benefit derives from installing DIMMs in pairs in this machine. Otherwise, DIMMs may be installed in any capacity, in any order, and in either of the two available slots.

At the present time, the only approved L2 cache available for the P6360-series is Apple's 256k, 11ns 160-pin L2 DIMM, part number 661-1035, High-Performance Module for Power Macintosh 6360, available by special order from most Apple Authorized Service Providers. Other Macintosh hardware resellers also offer a third-party L2 in 256k, 512k and 1MB sizes, however, which has proven quite reliable. This L2 also has the additional qualities of being both more available and rather more affordable than the Apple-branded cache. If you want a cool 1MB L2 in this machine, you have no other alternative. Be advised that there is only one OEM for the 1MB Alchemy L2, IDT, and supply constraints are common.

Logic Board RAM 8MB.
Supported DIMMS 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, 64MB.
Number DIMM Slots Two (2).
Supported VRAM 1MB non-upgradeable, soldered DRAM frame buffer.
Number VRAM Slots None.
L2 Cache Supported 256k, 512k, 1MB (IDT).
DIMM Type 168-pin, 5v, FPM / EDO 64-bit, 2k refresh, 70ns or faster.

As noted, the P6360 utilizes a 1MB DRAM video frame buffer, and consequently has no VRAM slots on the logic board. No expansion beyond the 1MB video frame buffer soldered on the logic board is feasible. Fortunately, this architecture supports 7-inch PCI video cards, including accelerated third-party video cards. VRAM configurations and machine capabilities are hence only limited by third-party offerings.

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