PowerBook 165c & 180c

Motherboard Diagram by MacGurus
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The PowerBook 165c & 180c have a single motherboard expansion slot addressed along a 32-bit memory bus. These computers require unique 85ns FAST RAM modules (PSRAM) in either 2MB, 4MB, 6MB, 8MB, or 10MB capacities, as they shipped in a 4MB default configuration with one vacant expansion slot. The PowerBook 165c & 180c do accept older 100ns memory that is compatible with the earlier PB140, PB145, and PB170, but PowerBook 165c: RAM Expansion (2/93) emphasizes that this memory will impose a performance penalty due to a slight modification in the logic board connector. It is consequently imperative to note which PowerBook you are ordering for in the Comments field of the Ordering Form when ordering PSRAM upgrade modules.

With 4MB PSRAM soldered to the logic board, the PB165c & PB180c are bootable out of the box. The addition of a single 4MB, 6MB, 8MB or 10MB expansion module yields memory configurations of 8MB, 10MB, 12MB and 14MB. The maximum amount of usable memory in the PB165c & PB180c is 14MB, in the form of a single 10MB module in combination with the soldered 4MBs of logic board PSRAM. It should be noted that while these computers can accept RAM manufactured for earlier PowerBook 100-series computers, many 4MB, 8MB, & 10MB cards designed for these PowerBooks will not function in earlier models like the PB140, PB145, PB145B & PB170.

The PB165c & PB180c share a common Motorola 33 MHz 68030 on a daughtercard, as well as a Motorola 68882 FPU. Both computers support SCSI Disk Mode.

Logic Board PSRAM 4MB.
Supported Modules 2MB,4MB,6MB,8MB,10MB.
Number Expansion Slots One (1).
Soldered VRAM 512k.
Number VRAM Slots None.
L2 Cache Supported None (Non-PowerPC architecture).
Module Type 85ns FAST RAM (PSRAM) Card.

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Be sure to mention the model number in the Comments field of the Ordering Form
when ordering upgrade modules from MacGurus.

Due to the 512k VRAM soldered to the logic board of the PowerBook 160, 165 & 180, these computers support video mirroring, or the simultaneous use of external displays. Supported models include:

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