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Thread: Cheetah's...73 gigs refurbished? "current generation"

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    I would love to be able to afford a new 73.4 Gig Cheetah.

    I was wondering if the Gurus ever refurbish older drives?

    I would buy a used 73 Gig Cheetah if it was reasonably priced and not a dinosaur.

    What generation is "to old"

    I will use this for storage and backup.

    System: 7500 with the XLR8 G3 400MHz upgrade, 288 megs RAM, OS 9.1, Miles2 + New 18 gig Cheetah,


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    I have never heard magician say that he refurbs drives. That is left to the manufacturer. My own feeling about too old would be a drive that is not Ultra160 or Ultra360. You can get good use out of a drive that is Ultra2 Wide, but I'm thinking you are asking for more cutting edge technology to go with your new Cheetah. k

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    Yes - You are right

    That war between need and want has been aattacking me.

    I don't NEED anything.... but... we all know the WANT feeling.

    I am thinking of starting a new post it is more about upgrade.

    Its a good time for a Christmas gift to myself. I don't imagine anyone is looking to get rid of a 100MHz bus machine...........

    Moving this last topic to an upgrade forum.


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