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Thread: Corrupted FW drive!

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    Hi guys,

    I've had several probs with FW inc a card that just didn't work with my 7500. Anway I recently bought two sonnet tango cards for my machines. They worked a treat! no crashes nothing. copied a shed load of files etc and the drive was fine. anyway after a week of terrible misuse! e.g copying all my drives for backup! It packed in! it's a 60gb IBM deskstar @ heart (I voided my warranty with buslink ofcourse) I had just finished backing up my drives and what happenened?? system crash!! I couldn't even get HDST to recognize the FW drive was there! So yes having voided my warranty a long time ago out of curiousity! I had to resort to putting my FW drive which is an IDE @ heart into my 6200!!!! (thank god I have one IDE machine!) it asked me if I wanted to initialise the HD but I didn't. not having norton 5 due to a lost disc! I was left with 2 out of my 3 partitions and numerous attempts at using tech tool(and being a novice @ it too) I sorely missed norton! I had a backup copy of norton 5 on one of the two partitions and I ran it once but ofcourse booting off a techtool CD it didn't have norton shared lib so I couldn't do anything once in! so I quit and subsequently crashed and lost all remaining partitions. whilst all this was going on I lost my system HD aswell!! Believe me I was not amused! My friend says VIRUS! I say bad directory. I am thinking virus too now! He says Backup! I only had the thing working a week! I don't expect it to pack in on me! and besides backing up a 60gb drive by CD is no mean feat! Anyway this leads me to the question! are there any proper utilities capable of finding FW drives that are dud?/repariable? I've not written anything on my drive in the hope I can resurrect it. I did finally give in and initialise all the disks......

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    This seems to be one issue with Firewire drives -
    I have not seen ANY UTILITIES that can find 'bad' drives and fix them. The main issue - IME - is that there are no utilites that can scan the FW bus for drives. I really hope Apple and the repair utilities fix this... SOON.

    About the only thing you could have done - INTECH HardDrive tools may have been able to take over the damanged partitions. Then you could have used Disk Warrior to recover the information. DW usually shines at this and often recovers data where other applications fail.

    You had a good idea - to take the IDE/ATA drive out and run it off a standard IDE bus. You probably could have also used DW at this point to recover most of your data.

    CD ROMs are pretty darn small these days - at least for major backups. It is always a good idea to backup - and if you are in doubt - backup again. Having three copies of all your data - all your IMPORTANT DATA - is a very good idea.

    Firewire is great, but not nearly as mature as SCSI or even IDE/ATA in the newer Macs.

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