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Thread: ATTO good, Adaptec bad?

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    I have a new G4800/dual with an Adaptec 39160 driving two Seagate
    74Gb drives on one channel (ST17340LW's, as two separate drives),
    recently low-level formatted with SoftRAID 2.2.2. I get disk errors in Photoshop
    opening BIG files stored on these drives, as well as Finder crashes doing
    large file transfers from my server (SGI, running Xinet, 100BaseT).

    Had better reliability on my G4/500mono under 9.0.4/9.1.

    I've been wondering whether I should replace the Adaptec card with an
    ATTO ExpressPCI Ultra3 Dual-Channel.

    NEW: just learned of the 39160's v1.0.2 firmware update from August;
    mayhaps that'll help - tonight's server copying will be first post-update

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    I think the consensus is that Adaptec SUX and ATTO ROX, but you will always find issues and JUNK on either side of the fence. Gurus like ATTO because (at least at this point in time) they have much better support for Macintosh systems and ATTO has not attempting to deliver JUNK like the troublesome SpeedFlex technology. Maybe it should be called spudFlex?

    Apple did use Adaptec cards for a while in their OEM configs. They now use ATTO IIRC. I think this started with the first (sawtooth) G4s. As my YosemiteG3 has the AdaptecU2b OEM Ultra2 SCSI card. It works good - but then it was built to work this way and Apple usually takes care of its customers. Adaptec often leaves them in the dust... wondering why?

    It sounds like you bought the retail version of the 39160 - hopefully the firmware patch will work. The other thing to check would be the SCSI bus and maybe even some extensions. I think MacOS 9 - however great - has some mysterious VOODOO that 8.6 did not have. Also is, like the rest of the industry, advancing hardware at a fairly fast clip. It seems that the newer hardware/OS 'system' can be more sensitive to older hardware, firmware and things that were not SPECIFICALLY designed with the new system in mind.

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