Greetings all knowledgeable and helpful Guru's FOrum Members.

I have an Old 7500, Running a carrier Zif with a 400mhz Zif. I have an UW Jackhammer that has been hosting 2 internal 9 Gig Barracudas. Recently, I aquired an external enclosure with 2 9 gig UW Cheetahs. They are Half height devices, and capable of heating a small office in the dead of winter. The enclosure is nice, 2 fans, good cabling.

I would like to take my barracudas and hook them up to the internal Fast SCSI, and hang the 2 Cheetahs off the back of my Jackhammer, as the Older Jackhammer will not support both internal and external UW devices at the same time.

I am trying to do this without spending much money, if any, as the drives are older, and were a gift from a former employer. (NOT STOLEN!) If I had money to spend I would get at least a U2W card from Miles and some new cheetahs, and put it all in a really nice Gurus Burly enclosure. I would like to 1: get an adapter for the drives so I keep the cheetahs internal and run them off the Fast SCSI internally, or find a UW SCSI card that will support internal and external devices at the same time.

Any suggestions??? Like to hear from the brain trust that reads these pages