I have bought a AEC-7720UW Bridge Adapter to adapt my IDE hard disk for SCSI interface of my Power Mac 9600/200 because i had read, that former A-Cards placed in the PCI-slot of the Tsunami logic board do not garantee flawless audio and video recording/playback.
And the AEC-7720 UW Bridge adapter serves only for one particular IDE and does not anable attaching 2 or 4 IDE devices.
When I attached the Bridge adapter to my Adaptec 2940UW Controller and tried to digitize video footage I got initially no dropped frames and flawless sound. But then I had the same experience like other videophiles with 9600s PowerMacs - droped frames, poor recordings/playbacks.
My question: If I would create a RAID 0 system and combine a real SCSI hard disk with my A-Card IDE/SCSI-converted hard disk would I get better results? Has anyone made such an experience?