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Thread: Stuff LaCie SCSI Tape Drive inside 8600?

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    I have a chance to get my hands on a new external LaCie narrow SCSI 4GB uncompressed/8GB compressed tape drive. Is it possible to rip the SCSI tape drive itself out of the case, and stuff it internally in my Powermac 8600, and use the logic board SCSI? It comes with Retrospect Backup, any conflicts with my XLR8 500Mhz G3 card in the 8600?

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    you'll probably be ok, as long as the tape mechanism is 5.25-inches wide, and the same height, "half-height," as a CD-ROM. If it is taller, you may need to get creative, likewise if it is 3.5-inches wide.

    but SCSI is SCSI. You may be perplexed by the jumper settings, but researching the device on the OEM website should get you over any humps, along with assistance from the maniacs here.

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    As long as the SCSI bus is configured right you should be fine. If you crash - suspect the bus and SCSI VOODOO

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