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Thread: What is this mystery slot?

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    I just picked up a Powermac 9600/300, and am in the process of swapping out components from my Power Tower Pro 225 into it. I LOVE that it has all these RAM slots(12!), but what is that mysterious beighe slot for, and shpould there be something in it?It was my understanding that the L2 cache on these is hard wired onto the motherboard, so I know it probably isnt that. Any info on this will be greatly appreciated!

    I was running a Powerlogix 450 G4 board in the old PTP 225, which could only run it at 406MHz due to the slower bus. I'm hoping that I will be able to get the full 450MHz out of it in my new baby. I'm not getting rid of the old PTP until I check that out AND figure out how to fit my hard drives into the 9600, which for all of the apparent size of the outide of the case, seems sadly lacking on the inside. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get 3 additional HD's into a 9600. It looks like taking out the ZIP may be the only option. Again, any ideas greatly appreciated.

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    That beige slot in the middle of the RAM slots if for a cache card. But if you are running with an upgrade card it is suggested that you leave it empty; processor upgrades have cache already on their card so convicts arise if there is cache on the motherboard.

    - Chris

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    Hey RP,

    The 9600/300 was a Mach5 version and had no L2 cache in that slot on the motherboard. It was an 'inline' cache module on the CPU daughtercard. You should get 450 MHz no sweat.

    The 9600 has a black plastic mounting base with holes set up to mount two drives side-by-side right on the floor (this will block the lowest PCI slot but puts the HDs right in front of the big case fan). You can mount two more drives under the ZIP bay. Plus the one original drive sitting in its own bay above the power supply.


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