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Thread: Replace stock noisy CD-ROM with ___________?

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    I wanna replace the noisy stock 12x Matchita SCSI CD-ROM in my Powermac 8600/200 w/ 450Mhz Powerlogix G4. Shall I go with-

    Plextor 40x UltraPlex, Intech software-$120 total
    Toshiba 10x DVD/40x CD-ROM, use free drivers from$130 total
    Pioneer Slot loading 10x DVDI/40x CD-ROM, use what for drivers?-$130+ drivers?

    I figure I might as well have a DVD drive for the price, and try a Software DVD decoder I have (like the only one for Mac) that will run without an ATI card, and have the DVD anyways. So what should I get to replace my stock CD drive?

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    I like the Plextors but then again, I don't want my students watching TV in the lab so that's why I deferred on the DVD... ;-)


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