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Thread: No shipping PowerBook insured for warranty repairs!

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    What a crock of shit.

    There's this guy I know named Parko who shipped his Titanium to Apple last year for warranty repair. Apple overnighted him a carton and prepaid the return shipping. The LCD broke in transit to Apple, yet Apple balked at replacing it until Parko got publicity on Macintouch and MacFixIt. You see, the prepaid cartons are not insured.

    So when Apple sent me a box for shipping my PowerBook for AppleCare repairs that were not LCD related, I went to Airborne and asked how much it would cost to insure a prepaid package. Alternately, I asked how much would it cost for me to pay for both shipping and insurance to Apple's Houston repair facility.

    Airborne Express refused to allow me to buy insurance on a shipment to Apple Computer. Period. Not even if I wanted to pay for the shipping; if the destination was Apple Computer, they refused to allow me to ship the box insured.

    When I found my wits about a minute later, I suggested that Airborne would allow me to insure the very same package if I were to ship it to my father. The employee agreed. I sugested that FedEx would allow me to insure the very same package. The employee agreed and suggested that I might be happier doing that. So I walked out and drive to FedEx.

    I repeat. What a crock of shit.

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    I went through the same harangue with a Dell laptop...I shipped them a semi-functional (aside from being Windows based) machine, with a perfect screen.

    The sent back a fully functional machine with a broken screen.

    All I can say is use your connections...I managed to get ahold of a VP of QA, and told her what happened, and she told me point blank, that replacing the breakage was cheaper than insuring the packages. She also told me that people who couldn't get her phone number had to jump through inordinate hoops to get their machines fixed.

    Screw the end user! Hoorah!

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    You know, this is the same old soapbox stuff. I agree with all my heart and soul, and for me, it comes down to a matter of time vs money. if i dont keep my wits about me, i can waste an inordinate quantity of time, the one finite thing in this universe, by trying to save money. the big companies like Apple, Dell, Airborne, you name it, look at the bottom line and if they can save a few bucks - more like millions - they will screw their mother. Only the little guy cares about who he is dealing with and long term consumer loyalty. It's like the folks in my home town when they try to keep a WalMart from being built because it will drive the local shop keepers out of business and then they turn around and buy shit at the WalMart or BestBuy in the next town over, instead of giving the local shop keeper their business. i know i am a closet idealist but i believe that you have got to stand for something in this life. sometimes it help me is i just add it to the original cost of the item. for example, if i buy a new apple computer, i figure it really costs me a good two hundred bucks more than i paid becasue i am willing to insure it at my own expense to avoid the hassle. when I read that there is some good deal that i can hardly believe, i jsut don't believe it, cause in the fine print it is probably a rip off. that is why companies offer rebates you have to mail in instead of just knocking down the price - they know that some folks will forget to mail it in or just consider it too much trouble for a few bucks.
    Man, am I getting cynical or what?
    That's why I buy from Gurus and AmbrosiaSW and those folks, right!

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