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Thread: MAXPower 4-port eSATA 6G on Catalina?

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    Default MAXPower 4-port eSATA 6G on Catalina?

    I am not ready to go to Catalina. But when I do, I have two questions:

    Will my MAXPower 4-port eSATA 6G card inside my PCIe enclosure work in Catalina?

    When I look at Activity Monitor, I see a 32-bit process called "raidman-httpd." Is that the driver that I installed with "MaxPower_RAID_eSATA_6G_PCIe_2_0_Controller.pkg" ?

    If so, I'm in trouble. TIA for info.

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    It's a Newertech card. Not sure they are writing drivers for it or now since OWC bought em and cleaned em out of any quality staff. The spec page for that card states 10.13 as the latest operating system. Might ask em at OWC if they are going to release a new driver.
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    Thanks Rick! The Newertech website is still up, and I contacted them through there. I suppose I could connect to my Burly via USB3 if I had to.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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