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Thread: 5,400 malware alerts overnight -captured ( I hope ) by ClamAV

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    Default 5,400 malware alerts overnight -captured ( I hope ) by ClamAV

    screenshots show >BC.GDU1gp. email phishing.DblDom-33 and .BC.59g3pv. email.Trojan-925

    and a proxy setting " bypass proxy settings for these hosts & Domains." *.local, 169.254/16
    I have noticed for the first time in system preferences / network/ advanced / proxies

    Any advice please? Mac OS 10.14.6 running.

    All these files appeared during an overnight iMac check by Clam XAV, were quarantined, and I have trashed and emptied the quarantine folder.

    I have not encountered any such issue for years, apart from the occasional Win nasty hidden in an email or document.

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    Got me.... I'm not conversant with Clam tho. Maybe Matt will check in and fill in the details for us.

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    Sorry...late to the party.

    Have not kept up with ClamAV....for malware, I would suggest Malwarebytes. The free version if need to buy. Run it manually if you want a second opinion. Keep it around (it won't run automatically), and you cand update and run manually whenever needed.

    Sophos Home is OK, though the free version may have limited adware/malware detection compared to the paid version.

    Not familiar with the proxy info. Did you remove the unwanted entry? Seems as though an executable ran, or perhaps a drive-by install in order to create/configure a proxy setting.
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