I know it's old, but I have taken on the project of reviving it.

The issue is that after a logic board replacement, the computer no longer can correctly access external SATA drives. The boot drive is an ATA connected to the motherboard controller. The SATA drives are in an external Burly enclosure and I would like to make use of the space for a project with this computer.

Quicksilver 2002 dual 1GHz
Sonnet Tempo-X eSATA 8 (driver 2.2.4)

The external drives show up in System Profiler but not Disk Utility. No volume information is displayed for the view in System Profiler.

I have in order:
- Reset the PRAM
- Reset the NVRAM
- Reset the PMU

No change in behavior.

The computer was bought new with SCSI and the ATTO ExpressPCI UL3D host adapter (previously retired, but kept). I installed that card, and the behavior is a little different but I also can't successfully access the SCSI drives. With the SCSI controller, Disk Utility finds the drives, but they report as uninitialized. When I try to initialize the SCSI drives, I receive no error, but the drive remains uninitialized.

I then tried a different SATA controller, Seritek 1VE4. The behavior of this controller was the same as the SCSI controller.

I pulled a SATA drive and put in into a Newertech Voyager S3 drive dock attached to a different computer. The drive can be accessed and the volume can be mounted and read.

The replacement logic board is a model 820-1342-B, the same as the original board. The Boot ROM version is 4.3.3f2.

At this point, I'm at a loss. Note, the battery is new.