I've been having trouble setting-up Family Sharing for our calendars. (Me: MacMini; Partner: Macbook Pro. Both: iPads. Plus of course www.calendar). All Apple IDs and passwords are the same.

I thought I'd cracked it, and I nearly have. They all seem to work in sync APART from my MacMini - sometimes what I put on it gets across to the iPads, sometimes not; things that I put on the www.calendar similarly, sometimes get across to my MacMini, but not consistently.

What I'm thinking is that my 'Refresh calendar' on Calendar isn't functioning too well, and I might reinstall OSX as the only way of deinstalling/reinstalling Calendar.

But are there some 'hidden' files, preference files and the like, which I could delete to achieve the same result?

I want to 'clean' my MacMini of Calendar bits and pieces, hoping that will allow it to refresh properly.

Unless you've got any better ideas!