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Thread: Macsense Sata/PAta controller card?

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    Default Macsense Sata/PAta controller card?

    I have a Maxtor 200GB ATA 133 and want to go SATA. Anyone have experience with this card in OSX 10.4?

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    Default Interesting.

    Never seen this product........used to use some MacSense NICs years ago with OS 9 boxes. Didn't even realize that the company was still kicking. $79 doesn't seem too bad to get both ATA and SATA, and be bootable.

    Wonder if you can run all three drives together, and what performance is like?
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    Default looking for via vt6421L chipset macsense card

    does anyone have one of these old macsense cards they are willing to part with? pm me?

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