So...... Ever since I graduated from one of those "compact Macs," I've been using the old Apple Displays.... first a 17 incher and then a 20, then a 23.

I got the 20 incher at a garage sale here. The seller was a bit of a techie, and he explained that before his Apple Warranty expired, he took his screen in (the one he was selling) and had the backlights replaced. I always loved how bright it was.

A few years ago, I graduated to a 23 incher. It seemed a bit darker than the 20 incher, but.... I got a fancy piece of calibrating software, and just grew to love it.

Today, after my nap, I woke up the computer from its nap, and the power light on the screen was flashing two short and one long. Took me a couple minutes, but found out it refers to the backlight failure. And.... yes, I could confirm that the top of the screen was definitely darker.

So.... still had the 20 incher kicking around. Using it now. And damn.... is it bright! Love it. But not happy to be back in the land of 20 inches again. And unless I elevate it, it also changes (slightly) the ergonomics of being in front of the computer and the angle of my neck. Sigh.

So.... I guess this is a stupid question.... but I love those old Apple Cinema displays. Is it worth it to get the 23 incher repaired? Or should I just give up and get a new one from large "Box" chain store? I found a 24 incher online for $129. But.... it's HDMI. I don't have HDMI. LOL. I have a 2008 Mac and it's DVI.

Appreciate any feedback. And... anyone ever get one of the old Cinema Displays repaired? How much does getting the backlights repaired run anyway?