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Thread: Security of Older Versions of MacOS X

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    Default Security of Older Versions of MacOS X

    As I understand it, after however many years, Apple stops posting security updates for older versions of MacOS X. I need to run some older software on Mavericks, because the USB drivers for its hardware do not work under El Capitan. Should I be taking any special precautions for the computer's security, when booted under Mavericks? Perhaps shut off networking, to protect the computer from attacks from the Internet?

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    I have two location settings on my machines: Automatic, and Off the latter where every connection type is disabled is what I use unless I need to connect to something out there. Between that, and Little Snitch I feel pretty safe.

    I would not go web surfing with an outdated OS/browser. I also made a key command to disable Javascript in my browser. Makes dubious web sites much more bearable.

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