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    Default Calendar problems...

    Hello all.

    I use 'Calendar' often, but haven't done a separate archive for ages - I somehow assumed it would be backed-up as part of my weekly SuperDuper run.

    Anyway, today Calendar failed - blank! All my old and new dates, gone.

    So I tried booting from my back-up, but no difference - maybe yesterday's back-up actually backed up a duff version (unlucky).

    Any ideas? Does the calendar data exist anywhere on the machine (except in the archived version which I didn't do?)


    Tried a couple of things. I decided that my last archive of the Calendar, from December, would have to do, as I could probably remember most important dates, so I tried a restore. First couple of tries, no go. Came up 'restoring', but wouldn't go away (2 minutes). Third time, the 'restore' panel DID go away, saying all data had been restored, but the calendar when I looked was still empty!

    If I have got a duff version of Calendar, is there any way of replacing it without reloading el Capitan completely?


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