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Thread: "Comments Box" in iTunes 12.7.3

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    Default "Comments Box" in iTunes 12.7.3

    So.. this isn't really a repair or troubleshooting problem.... but.... was unsure of where else to post.....

    This may seem like a really silly question, but I've been unable to find any info as to whether or not iTunes 12.7.3 still contains a comments box.

    It may seem like an obscure point, but I've spent the last 10+ years entering detailed data into the comments box for almost every track I have imported into iTunes (latest count, almost 56,000 tracks). My work involves producing a radio show, and those comments I enter basically enable me to do my work - to enable me to do searches for particular supporting musicians, original issue information, month and year of recording, location of recording, etc.

    It may have been JUST an ugly rumor.... but I remember reading somewhere a couple years ago...... some blog post, somewhere on that series of tubes we call the internets..... that one day the comments box in iTunes might go away.

    That would be disastrous for me.

    Anyway.... so..... simple question. Can any of you hip Gurus out there help me out? Just wanting to know if it's safe to update from 12.3 to 12.7 (in the meantime, I've heard PLENTY of some of the other problems users aren't happy with, but those concerns are minor to me compared to this).

    I'm currently running version and the App store wants me to upgrade to 12.7.3


    P.S. - sample comments box attached for those who are insatiably curious....
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