Soooooo..... if you caught the news elsewhere, nice guy that I am, I offered to help out a good friend by upgrading her mid 2009 13 inch MacBookPro with more RAM (2GB to 8GB) and a SSD HD.

I encountered a few corrupted files on the HD, but, by the end of the day yesterday, got that tackled, no problem.

Today, I installed the RAM and the new SSD. Or.... so I thought.

Closed up the computer, it fires up nicely..... only seeing 4 GB of RAM. One slot is empty.

I thought I had seated the RAM correctly... but..... when I opened it back up..... I find that both of the chips are in their "pop up" position (as if I'm getting ready to take them out... not sure how that happened, but..... I guess.... installer error maybe).

So..... very carefully but very firmly I make sure they're in there right. Nice and firm and not popping up.

Boot it back up. Same deal. One slot (I think it's DIMM0) is registering as empty.

So, not really wishing to deal with those damned tiny screws ONE more time, I call the local mom and pop Apple repair place, to see what they'll charge to effin' do it. LOL. I hate to give up you know..... but.......

They tell me to try an SMC reset, and if that doesn't work, trying resetting the PRAM (it'd been so long since I'd had to do a PRAM reset, I just plumb forgot to try that).

I do both of these things, nada.

Right now.... I'm thinking I should open it back up, swap the chips around, and see if one of them is bad. If the RAM in DIMM0 is bad, and I swap them out, then it will register empty in DIMM1, right?

Man.... it must be Mercury Retrograde or something (LOL), it shouldn't be this hard, right?

I also made sure they were seated in there properly... but... I suppose I could've made an error....

Advice, anyone?