Soooooo..... many many moons ago, I got a nifty little 60 GB SSD for my Boot Volume, having moved my users to a "roomy" (as Hannibal Lector might say... LOL) 4 TB HD from Seagate.

Now that I'm running OS 10.11, I'm down to about 33% free space left on the boot volume, and thinking maybe it's time to get a bigger one.

I used to have printed instructions for what to do when setting this up.... boot and users on separate volumes.... but the thing is..... having a moved Users folder onto another volume works so flawlessly, I truly forget the steps involved whenever it's time to migrate something to a new drive.

Once I clone my current boot volume to the new one...... I just have to point the Boot volume to the Users volume.... right? And do I still have to log in as the root user to do that?

Does this also involve making another "symbolic link" (I remember that used to be a step....)

I know I should remember all this, but....... eh.... haven't done it in a while. I know it's not complicated..... but if anyone can post a quick blow by blow run down, I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for your help, as always!