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Thread: MacBurly eSata Keeps disconnecting

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    Tongue MacBurly eSata Keeps disconnecting

    One of two 5 bay MacBurly's is randomly disconnecting. I checked esata cables (used different ones) and still same issue. I just replace the power box and thought that was the problem but still randomly disconnecting. Could it be where the eSata cable connects into the MacBurly - could that be a problem pt and if so how do I fix this? Or any other suggestions? UGH

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    Start by testing your Burly with just a single drive. Test each bay with that single known good drive.

    Then test with each of the other drives, one at a time.

    Yes, it is possible that a bad port multiplier board can cause something like this. The port multiplier board is inside the Burly where the eSATA cable connects to on the outside and has 5 drive connections on the inside. Only way to know if that is the actual problem is to test with one drive at a time, then test with each of the drives, one at a time and see if a drive is causing the problem.

    For me to actually know what to say other than the above, you would have to tell me how the drives are formatted, in RAID, individually, more than one RAID? And when things dismount, what does Disk Utility see before and after the dismount?

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