My brother and his wife both use iPhones and Macs, but they’re about to have twins and need to upgrade their old machines. The goals are:
* Have a shared contacts list. When one ads a new contact, the other gets it.
* Shared system for notes
* A single destination for all their photos, to collect, organize, archive and share
* An easy way to backup their content to a different destination drive
* Have all of the above in a simple, non-technical arrangement that once set up, they can manage on their own

Too much to ask? I hope not.

My assumed solutions is:
* Use one apple/iCloud account for everyone (Takes care of contacts and maybe adds new iCloud email address that could be joint and only used for subscriptions and junk, but also all provide the ‘foundation’ to connect to and share the Notes app.
* Photos? Apple’s Photos app seems the only choice.
* For backup, I’m less sure. I like Propaganda Productions simple Deja Vu app. Choose what to backup, choose where, choose when and yer done.
* Pack all this into a mac mini connected to a TV, plus an external drive for separate backups

What am I missing? How do you organize and share your ‘stuff’ in your family?