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Thread: Shaking screen!

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    Default Shaking screen!

    Odd one, this.

    On my wife's Macbook, all of a sudden, after years of problem-free running, she has this fault:

    On Safari (i.e. ONLY Safari, not Firefox etc), when she goes to Google (again ONLY Google), the first 4 letters she types makes the screen shake fairly violently.

    Once she's onto the fifth letter, no shaking, and Google googles normally.

    Not Google at fault, as it's fine on Firefox. Not Safari, as it's fine otherwise. It's a Safari+Google+first 4 letters (not spacebars!)

    Can't delete Safari (OS component); tried deleting Google from Bookmarks, re-getting it from www.

    No change.

    The only way round it that I can see is this:

    * back-up her machine (but will this back up the fault, too?)

    * wipe her machine

    * reinstall El Capitan from App Store

    * restore her machine from back-up hard drive.

    Have any of you come across this, or similar, and can anyone suggest a better solution? For now, she's using Firefox, as it worries her (viruses do worry her), but she also worries that it might spread to other bits of her Mac.

    Any help welcomed.

    Allen, in a cool London.

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    Tried all that - not wiping, but redownloading a full El Capitan, and...

    no change!

    So I worked on it for a bit, and found a work-round, which I list here in case anyone else has the same problem.

    Curiously, it didn't shake the screen when I had the Safari sidebar 'out', i.e. 'show sidebar' when you can see and click the items in your bookmark folder.

    Yet as soon as I closed the sidebar, it shook (in Google).

    In an idle moment, I clicked the 'edit' button at the foot of that panel, and tried again.... and it was cured.

    No idea why, which always worries me - I like to have some vaguely scientific explanation for what I do! - but there you are. Clicking the edit button cured the shaking 24 hours ago, and it hasn't shooken since.


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    That's so odd. I hate when stuff like that happens too, but at least you found a workaround.

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