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Thread: Mac OS High Sierra not recognizing my external HDs in Burleys

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    Default Mac OS High Sierra not recognizing my external HDs in Burleys

    Updated to Mac OS High Sierra a few days ago (1/25/18), and my MacPro is now not mounting my external hard drives in my two Burley 5-bay enclosures (via Sonnet Echo Express; Thunderbolt). I see from Apple Forums that I am not the only one having this problem. Any help is welcome.

    After upgrade to High Sierra, my drives in Burleys did initially mount normally but then disappeared after several hours. After restart, they would mount again normally but again disappear from desktop (Apple message: "disk ejected improperly"). Now, after a couple days, none of the external disks mount at all, even after repeated restarts.

    I did go to High Sierra's new "Disk Utilities" and selected "Show All" as suggested in Apple Forums, but no HDs are visible in DU. DU only show the internal flash drive in my 2014 MacPro.


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    The source for any operating related issues would be the driver for the Sonnet Express34 card. I know they didn't write a new driver, but you might check with them and see if they are aware of a problem and are working on it. High Sierra does cause a lot of storage strangeness.'

    Driver page for the Tempo SATA Pro Expresscard 34. Also the FAQ on that page has interesting information.

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