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Thread: burned cd from iTunes won't play on Sony CD player WHY?

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    Confused burned cd from iTunes won't play on Sony CD player WHY?


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    Could be lots of reasons: bad CD, bad burner, bad player.....or just a bad burn.

    Does it play OK in anything else? How about in the Mac that burned it? Did you burn directly from iTunes? Gotta remove variables.

    Years ago—like a decade—when I burned a lot of CDs, it was not uncommon that burning at a slow rate would improve the likelihood successful, error-free playback. Solution: burn at a slower (try the slowest) speed.

    I have seen (more with DVDs) some players simply are picky and don't like burned anything. Solution: test in other devices to see if it is the playback device. If it plays in nothing...likely the CD.

    Occasionally I have seen bad CDs. They either fail during the burn, or, will never play correctly, or at all. Solution: try a different CD brand/model/pack.

    The super slim burners Apple put in most of their gear of over the last decade have been tiny. And fragile. I have seen many fail for no particular reason. I expect them to fail. If the CD won't play anywhere...then it is likely the CD itself, or the burner. Odds are the burner is bad. If that is the case, and you need to burn lots of stuff, I suggest an external, fat, full-size burner. They tend to be much more reliable, flexible, and much cheaper than the slim internal units. Good time to upgrade to DVD, and perhaps even Blu Ray.
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    In addition to Uncle Mac's experience, on one occasion I using my MacBook 2010 internal CD/DVD drive , after selecting "Maximum Speed Possible", "Audio CD" when moving the cursor to "Burn" unintentionally changed the selection to "Data CD or DVD" which wasAttachment 1280Attachment 1281 not be recognized by an audio CD Player. While double checking my procedure found the "Burn Settings" were incorrect. The internal drive is also picky: It seems to like only light colors in "Memorex" or "Sony" CD-R blanks.. I also have an iMac 21.5 Late 2012 without an internal drive so I bought an Apple USB Superdrive that has yet to fail to burn on name brand blanks. I find it helps to eject and reinsert the burned CD to verify it plays in the drive I burned it on, then in the CD player in my home sound system. Regarding the media used for recording: I keep both CD-R and DVD Blanks purchased in similar quantities. I once inserted a DVD to record an audio CD but caught it because the disc opened in iDVD. (I have System Preferences set to open iTunes when I insert a blank CD and to open iDVD for a blank DVD.) Attachment 1280Attachment 1281
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