Hey Everyone!
first of all sry for my bad English.

I have a Problem with my 3 1/2 Years old Macbook Pro Late 2013 15" Retina

The Problem is that i canīt Power it up any more and the PW Plug LED doesnīt light up.
When i hit the PW Button the Screen shows the Symbol for low Bat but whithout the Plug Sign (when i Disconnect the PW Plug an hit the PW Button it shows the Plug Sign)
The fans in the inside start to run and the Apple on the bag lights up as long as the symbol is shown on the Screen.

I tried everything:

- Alt l + Shift l + STRG l than PW Button
- Alt l + STRG l + P + R than PW Button
- Pres PW button for 10 Sekonds
- Discon Bat From Logic Board and Plug PW in and hit PW Button ... nothing. Hit it for 10 Sek... Nothing
- Discon Bat + Discon PW than hit PW Button for 10 Sek. Put everything bag together and hit PW
- Try it with a new Original Magsafe 2 Power Supply 85W

But nothing seems to help.
The LED on the PW Plug doesnīt light up

My Ideas:

I had a Wateraccident 2 1/2 jears ago and the wetness indikator on top of the Prozessor near the AC PW Plug input Board is Red

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But the Computer was ok and never make any Problems.
Maybe the PW in Board is broken?

The second thing i spotted on the Logic Board is this:

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I donīt know if it was there to years ago when i had the Wateraccident.
Maybe the Cap or Res near the corosion is Broken or some of the Traks of the PCB are under Corosion.

From where do i get the info about that special Part?

I hope you can Help me.