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Thread: Imac 21.5 2013 - Can't get past 3 led indicators

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    Default Imac 21.5 2013 - Can't get past 3 led indicators

    Hello everyone,

    Well i have 2 imac's that have been sitting around collecting dust and they shouldn't be. The one is a 2013 21.5 , the screen went on it and I waited a few months before purchasing a new screen. Upon purchasing and reassembling I had changed out the RAM the originally came with it and put in 4gb ram that will work with model. Now I cannot get my screen to power. I have 3 leds indicators that are light up and even with a new screen on it, it won't work.

    If someone can lend there expertise or help a brother out please do.


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    Wish I had an idea what to tell you. I never much worked on broken iMacs. Never owned one at MacGurus and about the only thing I have dine to customer units is replace stuff - drives, power supply, that kind of thing. I was hoping someone who knew your machine would pop up, doesn't appear so though. My apologies.

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    Default Led wont boot

    Here’ s a strange one
    Mid 2011 iMac 27”
    Won’t power 1 led
    I changed the battery. Boot one time only. Pull battery again boots but nothing after that. Suspect the psu. Meanwhile tried shorting power button contacts success. Confused though why will a battery pull work if the power buttons iffy?
    I sort the connection and success I had thought logic board next.
    Wise chaps out there ideas?
    Once shorted 3 leds up and once lcd back in should be good.
    I have purchased new power button but is that the end of it?

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