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Thread: How to reinstall OS X after complete HDD wipe?

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    Default How to reinstall OS X after complete HDD wipe?

    so recently an older (2008) iMac was given to me and my sisters by my dad. The hard drive had failed and he got a new Mac. However, he took the old Mac to micro center and got the hard drive replaced, then gave the old computer to us. Naturally, the first thing I did after I got it was try to turn it into an OS X/Ubuntu dual boot machine using rEFInd. Unfortunately, I ran into some trouble (rEFInd wasn't working) and ended up corrupting the hard drive. I plan to use DBAN to wipe the hard drive -- it's my only option as nothing on the Mac works so I can't wipe it using disk util. My question is: how do I reinstall Mac OS X after I nuke everything? Surely the wipe would leave nothing behind, not even the OS X installer. Or does it? I have no idea. Do I need to create a bootable USB? If so, how? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Never tried that on a 2008. I think you'd be best served with an external Firewire drive. Not sure if the 2008 will boot to USB2.

    You can also boot into Target Disk Mode and install from another mac over Firewire. I have done this method a gazzillion times.

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