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Thread: Should be simple, But I'm Confused

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    Confused Should be simple, But I'm Confused

    I purchased a MacBook mid 2010 from eBay to replace my current MacBook I have mentioned in previous posts used to record at Church. It came with Snow Leopard installed and the Battery Condition showed "replace soon": After upgrading OS to El Capitan the Battery Condition shows good with about life remaining. Can I depend on the El Capitan assessment our should I replace the battery?

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    How much life are you actually getting out of it?

    Replaced the battery in my friend's MacBook Air recently. It was surprisingly easy, and the battery was cheap.

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    ....And if this is the original battery, at about 7 years old, it is likely due to be replaced soon, if not now.

    Might run for a while, but don't be surprised if it misbehaves when not plugged in. Really depends on how the battery was treated.

    I have, for example a 2009ish MBP with the original battery, and it still holds a charge for maybe 1.5-2 hours of normal use (web, email, etc.) I have tried to manage the battery well, and recalibrate about twice a year. But it seems to be fading fairly fast now, and could be down to less than an hour of run time in the next few months at this rate. Replacement battery is nearly due.
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