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Thread: What are the current favs for 10.11.5 cloning? (SuperDuper/Carbon Copy)

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    Default What are the current favs for 10.11.5 cloning? (SuperDuper/Carbon Copy)

    Need to get the backups in step
    Tom Babb

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    No issues with SD on my last backup. Haven't used CC for a while. Should give it a shot. Need more storage first. A lot more.

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    CCC is fabulous, but has been a paid tool for years now. SD is still free for basic cloning, works great.

    If you go for a paid tool, there are many choices....but CCC is probably still at the top of the list. For a $ tool, most offer scheduled backups, and other very nice features. ChronoSync is another great product. I like Get Backup Pro too.

    Some of my old favorites that were free....are not anymore, or are no longer updated. But there are new options worth looking BackupList+
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