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    Confused Mdd wont start

    So for many weeks I had to keep my MDD running 27/7 because thinking the battiery was bad and would not fire up unless some coaxing (manipulation) from a dead start up. Replaced the battery today .... now won't even start .... nothing!

    I remember on the G4 audio 555, there was a button that you would hold down for about 10 seconds.
    Can't find one on the MDD.

    I unplug then replug and the light comes on for a split second.
    After waiting a couple hours .... hold the power button down (in) until the HDs take over .... alls good then.

    I had always been able to use it .... just couldn't shut it down ... and if I did I would unplug then replug and let it just sit for a couple of hours.
    Thinking the battery has got to be dead.

    This "old ho" has always has been reliable.
    I know she isn't dead just confused ... what gives?

    Hope someone has an idea!

    thank you, h

    PS: isn't there a red light on the logic board to come on when all is good?
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