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Thread: G4 PPC / ATTO SCSI card

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    Default G4 PPC / ATTO SCSI card

    Hello.. I hope I am posting this for some technical people to look at,,,

    The system is a G4 Tower ( I think that's what it is called ) and was used for video editing for many years. A few weeks ago I though it would be a good idea to get all the Media project off by transferring them via s-video.

    All was going well when suddenly the MAC just shut down.... I Pushed the button to restart and nothing happened. I waited a few minute and tried again and it started. I opened the case and the cooling fans were running so had no idea why it did this.

    The Main Hdd was showing and also three firewire off board drives were showing.

    Opening Media100 ( the old editing program ) and loading a project showed the SCSI drives (NOT in a RAID configuration) could not be found.

    Opening the case I removed the two SCSI drives and powered them up from a separate supply and they both spin up.

    I removed the SCSI card ( ATTO ExpressPCI UL3D ) and powered up the Mac.

    I looked in the About Mac and looked for the devices connected and obviously the SCSI did not appear.

    I re-fitted the SCSI card but did not connect the drives and powered up and the in the devices connect it did not show the SCSI card.

    I then connect one of the drives and did the same routine and SCSI did not show up. I then disconnect that drive and connect the other drive, etc and that did not show up.

    I connected both drives and they both appear in the Devises Connected. ? but they cannot be accessed.

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    I bought another ATTO SCSI card and that did not make any difference..

    Any advise would be useful as I just need to get the very old Project off these SCSI drives,


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    Double checked driver version?

    Reinstalled driver?

    Make sure SCSI IDs are unique for each drive. I realize that you tried one drive at a time, that was an essential test step. But worth looking at each drive's jumpers and setting them between 0 and 6. 7 is reserved for the controller card.

    Active termination installed?

    Cables still look good? Seen a lot of ribbon cable with a rub through the insulation from sharp sheet metal edges in a chassis.

    Not sure what else you can do.

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