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Thread: Running applications on top of live video stream

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    Default Running applications on top of live video stream

    I work in a control room environment. I would like to have a fullscreen live video feed on my desktop. I would then like to run applications, such as camera and equipment controls, over this feed so I can see the apps running on top of the feed. Any suggestions?

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    You can maximize the video feed window and the use the dock to switch to a different app that is not maximized. The new app will appear in front of the video feed. If you wand access to your desktop icons that might be a bit tougher.

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    There have been a few tools like this floating around for years, but I not aware of a live feed option.

    As cheap as monitors are....would it make sense to add another monitor for the dedicated feed?

    Sound like you already have a system in place, but if the door is open, you need to check out Security Spy too. Powerful, feature rich, easy to use, great value.
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