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Thread: Time for a New UPS for MacPro3,1?

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    Default Time for a New UPS for MacPro3,1?

    My MacPro3,1 has given me increasing trouble starting recently. It used to start intermittently, but now usually will not start not at all. Press the power button, and after only a few seconds, it shuts back off. Occasionally, the display powers on, and then the computer shuts off. If the computer starts while connected to the UPS, it runs without problems.

    Today, the computer started immediately when I plugged it directly into the electrical outlet, bypassing the 12-year-old UPS. I'm guessing that the old UPS can not consistently supply the extra power needed at startup, but that if it succeeds in starting, there is enough power to keep the computer cruising.

    Is it better to replace the entire UPS than to replace the current UPS's battery?

    If I get a new UPS, what specification do I need?

    Is it true that any UPS with a HID-compliant USB port will activate Mac OS X's automatic power failure shutdown options in the Energy Saver Control Panel?

    I have replaced the CR2032 backup battery on the logic board, and reset PSU and NVRAM.

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    I have had good success replacing batteries. That said, there are no guarantees that will work. (our local Napa dealer can get batteries for almost any of our UPSes)

    TO determine size you need to add up wattage for devices you will attach, then combine that with how long you want it to continue to operate during a power failure. I have one unit here that can keep a MacPro running for 24 hours. Its an APC with an accessory battery pack. Since we installed automated generator power backups, I disconnected the added power pack.

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