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Thread: Uploading to site without support for current browser.

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    Cool Uploading to site without support for current browser.

    Most of you Gurus would have "got this" right off, but took a little bit for me. I am sharing hoping this helps someone with similar situation. In an earlier thread I posted "Insulin Pump Woes". At that time the Website no longer supported 10.6.8. I updated to Lion. Recently, After upgrading to El Capitan because Lion was not longer supported by the Website where we upload the pump, I was fortunate to receive the attached message. After a angry reaction, because I always have to do an exception for the site for JavaScript and I am thinking now I have browsers on all the computers that are newer than they support. I actually read it: Basically the message was telling me to change my settings in Safari. Then I remembered that in the past I have used the develop tool to get into Internet Explorer "friendly" sites. I went to Develop, User Agent, Other and changed OS to 10.10 and Safari to 8. Immediately the log in screen came up and the pump upload was accomplished. The first time I used this was about two weeks ago and it came to mind because we the pump upload needed to be done again.
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    Good tip!!
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