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Thread: Can my Mini duo 2 Core talk to my Mac pro G5 tower ?

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    Default Can my Mini duo 2 Core talk to my Mac pro G5 tower ?

    Hello Everyone - Merry Christmas. I could use some input from all you gurus........

    I use a dual core Mac Pro G5 tower for multi-track recording in Logic and basic music video editing Final Cut. OSX 10.6. No other software is installed and everything works flawlessly.

    I have a Mac mini Duo 2 Core in my office running Yosemite. This Mac has no recording or video software.

    I would like to start using my Mac mini for recording but don't want to leave my G5 behind or buy new software.

    Is there a way that the 2 machines can work together in some way ? For example, use the mini and access the G5 for recording ? ( Hope this makes sense).



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    Hi Chris -


    1. You can connect the two via file sharing, and you can share space from one to the other as a mounted network drive, but usually, attached network drives are considered too slow for editing least traditionally.

    2. It would also be possible to boot either into Target Disk Mode, and one as an external firewire drive, but that would net you about the same read/write performance. Not sure that would be useful.

    3. It is possible to work remotely on the G5 by sharing its screen to the mini. That way the G5 could be in another room, and could even be running without a monitor, and you can control it remotely from the mini. This seems like the closest fit, if I understand you correctly.

    Outside of those 3 options, I an not aware of any other ways use the two together for editing. It really comes down to what the throughput requirements of your tools are....that will determine if/how you can use them together.
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