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Thread: Scsi device syquest

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    I desperately need to get files off old Syquest but don't know what old Mac has a scsi port and drive. I suppose I could buy an old mac on ebay to do this as it costs over $125 to get files off 5 Syquest disks. Any thoughts from anyone?

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    Yep, I got myself a couple of old syquest units. Macs prior to 1998 should all have SCSI, but then the question would be . . . . What do you transfer it to? And then how to get it onto another computer. I've been faced with this for years and have 1 idea. I've got a read/write SCSI external CD and my plan was to transfer info to a CD and then pray I could use the info elsewhere. I just haven't had it real high on my list. But I did get a really nice Mac IIci used about 15 years ago for only $35. Seems there is some demand for all those old mac now a days, as the price is much higher than they used to be. Good Luck!

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