I have an early 2010 Mac mini, earlier this year I updated to Snow Leopard ( from disc) and then updated to Yosemite 10.10 from the Apple Store. perfect

ISSUE: I also have an 2007 Mac Mini 1.83 ghz C2D running OSX 10.7. I went to the Apple store to update to 10.10 and can no longer find the Yosemite link ! All I could find was the El Capitan link and it states the program can not be used on the 2007 mini ? Why ?

**Where do I go from here ? Did I miss a step ? Yosemite no longer supported ? Will I be ok running 10.7 going forward or will I run into support issues ?

My concern is that I can not buy and /or use any new software going forward..... Please advise- thx