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Thread: MBP headphones ... BUMMER ... for me

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    Question MBP headphones ... BUMMER ... for me

    A few years back I purchased a pair of powered speakers from ADVENT.
    Very reliable and left turned on for many years ... never have given me any problems what- so- ever.
    Still running today... bought them for "close field monitors"

    The input / output jacks on the MBP are a different diameter ... same with number of head phones that were used with a PRO TOOLs home studio.

    1. What seems to be the problem?

    Guess I'll be buying a new pair.

    2. Will the new phones also fit my iPOD and iPhone ... plus MBP?

    3. Just what is the diameter that I'm looking for?

    I know these are lame questions ... but I've been out of the loop for some time.

    anyone? h

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    Haven't had any issues with mine though my TOSLINK cable is a tight fit, and has to lined up just right to go in all the way.

    Are your plugs too big or too small?

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    Thanks Brane .... now I know I'm a dumb chit.
    TOSLINK cable is tight fit also ... that's what I tried to plug- in ... I thought it was hitting something inside and didn't want to try and force it .... same with headphones.

    Tried them again after reading you post.

    Thanks for reminding me ... I AM a dumb chit ... guess I should lay off the bug juice.

    I'm glad you posted or I would have been been waisting time trying to figure out why APPlE would change the size of the input / outputs and searching for headphones.
    I'm such a dumb chit for waisting you- alls time ... sorry.

    I believe this thread is finished.

    Thanks Brane!... h

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