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Thread: Macbook Air 13" (a1466) water damages

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    Default Macbook Air 13" (a1466) water damages

    Hi guys, new around and need some help!

    Got some Macbook air 13" that had water damage time ago but suppose to be fixed already (like 300$) and was working fine.. time passed and now recently trackpad + keyboard stopped working (power button is fine) and with usb keyboard and hardware test on boot gave me these error codes:

    NDR001, NDK001, PFM006 & PPN001 (fans are full speed and looks like some sensor is failing)

    Any tip or someone experienced with same error combo? im highly in doubts about top case (keyboard + trackpad) is failling now vs logic board failling too..

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    It could be the logic board. We would need to test your logic board and trackpad to confirm if the issues are with the logic board or not. We specialize in component level board repairs such as micro soldering, reflow, and reball. If you need help repairing your logic board, let us know, we'd be happy to help. All our component level repairs are flat-rate. $149 for non-retina systems and $170 for retina model systems. All repairs also comes with 3-month warranty already included in the price. We also have an extended 9-month warranty for an additional $50 if you wish to extend the warranty.

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