Hello folks,

I've got a 2010 8-core Mac Pro with 15GB of RAM on OSX 10.9.5 that worked great when we were editing a 720p film some time ago. But trying to edit 1080p clips in FCPX, Motion, etc. has been a challenge: changes to the timeline (e.g. changing text characteristics, moving things around) can take 3-5 seconds before the mouse will respond again. I changed the boot HD to an SSD but the problem still persists.

Is this Mac Pro capable of 1080p editing with some upgrades or do I need a newer computer? Would more RAM or a second GPU (current is a Radeon 5770) help? Currently the Activity Monitor shows only a couple of CPU cores working, and the Memory window shows RAM Memory Pressure in the green.

Any thoughts or suggestions on getting 1080p editing more fluid?