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Thread: Expected life of internal hard drive

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    Default Expected life of internal hard drive

    Both ricks and unclemac said the other day that they wouldn't expect a laptop hard drive to last much beyond five years.

    So how about desktop internals? My iMac is 2010 - should I expect its imminent demise? (It's got a Seagate 1TB).


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    I swap out pretty much all desktop and laptop drives at 3 years. Enterprise drives are reliable out past 5, but desktop drives start increasing failure rates at 3. A 5 year old laptop drive is the definition of aged.

    Just my philosophy. Others run drives for many more years than I. Are they wrong? Nope.

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    I don't swap out iMac and mini HDs more often simply because it is a PITA in most models.

    To be fair, I also worry less about desktops getting bounced around, and over heated nearly as much as portables. And, typically, most desktops are less pressed for space, and have better performance than their portable brothers, making stretching HDs a bit longer less long as proper (automated) backups are dutifully cranking along.

    On the flip side, HDs do simply fail, even when not bumped and abused, and that risk goes up over time. And newer models are always bigger, faster, and temptingly priced. If iMacs were as easy to swap out as MBPs were (at least until the newer Retina models) I would push for a 3-4 year swap on those too.
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