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Thread: upper case replacement

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    Default upper case replacement

    Mac book Air : 13 inch early 2014
    Processor: 1.4 GHZ intel Core i5
    Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB
    RAM : 4 GB
    Model: A1466
    HD: 128 GB SSD

    Issue: My buddy advised that he spilled coffee on his mac book air keyboard. Some of the keys work and some don't. Plugged in a usb keyboard and was able to browse and use the machine like normal. Just purchased a top case to replace it from ifixit to swap it out.

    My question is when I reboot the machine I get a strange flickering like the video card is going bad. Ironically when it boots up regular and safe mode it' works fine.

    Any ideas on what might cause this? And can you replace the video card on this macbook air or is it integrated into the motherboard? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    So, you already did the repair it sounds like?

    Any chance there is a loose cable anywhere? Seems like it is one of three things:

    1. loose connection from repair
    2. faulty something: either the new part, something else, or you damaged something during the repair
    3. the spill may have actually damaged something, and the effects are now showing

    None of which is fun. Best case scenario is disassemble and check/reseat all related connections.

    Might be worthwhile to check video out via a TB adapter to a monitor or projector to see the flickering is GPU or the panel (if the external monitor also would most likely be a GPU/logic board fault. If the external does NOT would most likely be the panel or the connection from the logic board to the panel).

    The GPU is integrated, so the entire logic board must be replaced if it is actually failing.
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