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Thread: security - console reports concerns

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    Default security - console reports concerns

    Odd messages from Console, should I worry? Mac Pro 2009, OS X 10 latest,

    messages read : e.g. Nov 23 16:48:50 paul-woolmans-mac-pro.local SecurityAgent[13818]: NSSecureTextFieldCell detected a field editor ((null)) that is not a NSTextView subclass designed to work with the cell. Ignoring...

    Nov 23 16:27:04 paul-woolmans-mac-pro.local discoveryd[54]: Basic NATTServer Got control URL: (ip)

    Clam Xav in use recent find : Exploit.CVE_2014_6342 FOUND

    Should I be concerned?

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    No clue. The IP is internal, so it isn't pointing at something trying to get in. You can spend a lifetime trying to figure out what some programmer added to his code on Console reports. I would ignore it. That isn't to say it isn't something happening, but other than searching it on the web I don't have any idea what it is telling you and probably no one else since no one commented on it.

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