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    Default Thunderbolt monitor

    My neighbor was asking me what a 999 dollar TB Monitor would do or look like off his new Mac mini. He's cheap I can't see him doing this but he was semi serious.

    I told him he'd of been better off putting 16GB RAM and a Fusion or SSD into the new Mac mini.

    I said I really don't think for his/my type of computer use... email, internet surfing, he does watch/stream some TV via Hulu, youtube video etc. I said it'd be clearer but enough to even notice?

    He does nothing that requires fast moving screens such as a big 3D gaming or such.

    So is that right or not. What would a Thunderbolt monitor do for a casual user.

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    well it's a....

    firewire hub
    USB hub
    Not just a network hub but a whole 'nother network
    Audio port
    mic port
    thunderbolt repeater
    has an iSight
    has a large and fantastic screen

    and most importantly it is overflowing with concentrated smug.

    If he uses any of this it might be worth it.

    I use all of these things and to put together all the separate pieces to get all this done would have cost more $ and been a lessor screen when I bought mine

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    When ever I start thinking about a Mac Mini and a TB display . . . . . I think 27" iMac. Refurbished of course.

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    It also has a built in mag safe charger for a MBP. Great all around.....but a mini user would likely get no great benefit other than the great display.

    I would vote for any 27" iMac, especially a last year close out or refurb. I see a 27" refurb for $1489 right now.
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