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Thread: How to connect SATA drive external

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    Default How to connect SATA drive external

    Hi there i just replaced my SATA drive in my imac 2008..I need to access the drive externally but cannot work out why it wont allow me to use my USB adapter it just gives me an error message that the USB adapter does not have enough power..i have included pics of both the HD and the adapter..thanx

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    I might not be the best moderator for this question as I rarely use USB and hard drives together. My first thoughts and or questions are...

    I do not believe you can just plug the drive into a USB Port on computer it needs to be connected via a host or USB Controller PCI card.

    Do you have it in a powered USB port? As I understand some do provide power and others provide minimal power for mouses, keyboards, small 3rd party hardware.

    Is this drive in a case?
    A PCI USB Controller card with drivers?
    Do you have a USB driver installed and updated?

    Which OSX are you running? 10.?.?

    Was this going to be a one time data transfer or are you planning to keep and use the external drive?

    You should have room in the computer for it unless all your other drive bays are full.

    USB will be very slow even if running right. You need something like this here to get data from the drive. You'd also need a similar type of card to run USB which will be much slower.

    I'd put it back into the computer and read the data off it or transfer it like that or do you need to do it externally?

    Post any new questions, answers to my questions and someone will respond.

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    If I am not mistaken that kind of USB adapter only has enough power for a 2.5 inch (laptop-sized) hard drive and will not power a 3.5" standard drive

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    Damien is correct. Only a 2.5 inch drive can be bus powered off USB bus.

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